Reasons to invest in HouseCoin

United Kingdom Property Development Finance is a high yielding investment strategy backed by Real Estate

Limited Supply

The total number of issued tokens is 100 million HSC; the release of new tokens is made impossible by the smart contract.

Consistent Demand

All Developers will need to pay back their loans using HSC; monthly interest payments will be paid using House Coin.

Scheduled Release

50 Million HSC will be kept in Reserve and 5 Million HSC be released once a year for 10 years via Smart Contract.

Token Details 

Name: HouseCoin

Symbol: HSC

Hard cap: 30,000ETH

Soft cap: 3,000ETH

Maximum Potential Supply: 100 Million HSC

Tokens for Sale: 30 Million HSC

Token Price: 0.001ETH

Team Allocation: 10 Million HSC

Partnership Allocation: 8 Million HSC

Bounty Allocation: 2 Million HSC

Reserve: 50 Million HSC

Technical Specification: Ethereum ERC20 Token

ICO Start Date: Q1 2019

ERC20 Token Contract: 0xc7914c9a8f6fe4d99b3978dc9f565b8dfd3254ca

Crowdsale Contract: 0xe280b2465154E5C02e7CC83c5f7E407233F9E736

Don Ndiweni

Don Ndiweni

Chief Executive Officer and CO-Founder

With a strong background in Blockchain technology and Entrepreneurship. Don has 3 years of Property Investment Experience and has a passion for marrying Property and Technology to revolutionise the industry.

Taimour Baban

Taimour Baban

Chief Financial Officer and Co-Founder

A property investor and landlord since 2002 with a strong background in Accounting, Finance and Investment Banking. Taimour has worked in all areas of UK Property Development and has influential contacts in the industry.

Daryl Thorpe

Daryl Thorpe

Chief Operations Officer

Over 20 years experience in structured finance, specialising in direct lending within both Real Estate and Consumer Finance markets. Currently focussed on principal lending programmes in the UK real estate sector across bridging, mezzanine and development finance.

Thomas Lloyd-Jones

Thomas Lloyd-Jones

Real Estate Analyst
Theo Theodosiadis

Theo Theodosiadis

Blockchain Analyst
James Lloyd-James

James Lloyd-James

Financial Analyst